An NGO expatriate employee is required to have a work permit (Class G1 Entry Permit), before commencing work or employment in Uganda. In order to obtain this Work Permit, a recommendation letter is required from the NGO BUREAU. However, for the NGO Bureau to issue a Recommendation Letter, the following documents must be attached to the application:

  1. Cover letter addressed to the Executive Director NGO Bureau
  2. Letter explaining failure to recruit Ugandans. Note: The Proof of failure to recruit Ugandans is made in form of a letter addressed to the Executive Director of the NGO Bureau. The letter should explain circumstances under which Ugandans were given an opportunity to make the application and what criteria was used to select the applicant. For purposes of clarity, you may need the services of an immigration/legal consultant to draft this letter for you.
  3. NGO Certificate of Incorporation
  4. NGO Certificate
  5. NGO Permit
  6. NGO TIN Certificate
  7. List of Staff of the Organization
  8. Copy of Passport bio data page
  9. Copy of Work permit or Entry Visa
  10. Copy of valid Interpol letter or Certificate of Good conduct
  11. Copy of Employment Contract
  12. Copy of CV
  13. Certified copy of Academic documents

The Timelines for obtaining this Recommendation Letter are between 2 – 3 weeks, depending on when the documents are submitted to the Bureau, and also on the availability of the Executive Director to sign it off.

Please note that the NGO for which the expatriate employee is seeking to be deployed must have filed annual returns at the NGO Bureau. The requirements for filing Annual Returns include the following:

  1. Cover letter addressed to the Executive Director, NGO Bureau (Help of a Lawyer or consultant is necessary).
  2. Fully filled Form R
  3. Board Minutes for the year in question
  4. Annual Report
  5. Audited Accounts or Financial Statements
  6. Certificate of Registration with FIA
  7. Work Plan and Budget

For certification of documents by the Bureau, the following documents are required:

  1. Cover letter addressed to the Executive Director
  2. Pay requisite fees
  3. Attach copies necessary for Certification

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