Not For Profit Practice (NGO ADVISORY)

We are the leading specialist not-for-profit advisory firm in the East African region. Our services under this sector include:

Not for Profit (NGO) Formation and Governance Advisory

We advise and assist entities that are registering as not-for-profit organisations in Uganda. These include branches of foreign entities or organizations that are being incorporated in Uganda. We have a deep understanding of not-for-profit practice and have established working relationships with leading government entities including the NGO BUREAU and other government Ministries, Departments and Agencies.

We also advise our clients about non-profit law when they are establishing governance policies so they can operate effectively and in compliance with applicable regulations.

We carefully guide clients through the formation process and the establishment of good governance policies and practices. We also help management teams understand their fiduciary obligations and industry best practices so they can provide meaningful oversight to their organizations.

Our Non-profit Formation & Governance services include

  • Formation of non-profit corporations and charitable trusts.
  • Preparation and review of governance documents i.e. not-for-profit bylaws, governance policies, etc.
  • Consultation on the legal duties of boards, including fiduciary and ethical obligations.
  • Advice on best practices for board members, including conflicts of interest and financial controls.
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Martin Luther King, Jr.

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