Global Mobility & Expatriate

International assignments are part of a process to create change, improve understanding and develop the global presence that is needed in the present competitive business climate. Expatriation is synonymous with new business opportunities, expansion and growth. With the rise of globalization, many businesses expand to work in overseas territories; and this expansion provides both challenges and opportunities.

There are three main  reasons why  you should seek our  expertise – firstly, to fully comply with all relevant legislation; secondly, to ensure that full and  realistic employee costs are factored into contracts; and  thirdly to ensure that employees meet their tax and social security obligations while  enjoying optimum protection, for example  through double  taxation agreements and  reciprocal social security agreements.

Whether you are just starting to send employees abroad or trying to optimize your long-standing expatriate management programme; whether you are in need of advice or are simply short-staffed, LIBRA Advocates and Consultants are here to help.

We offer a full range of consulting services covering all aspects of global mobility. We provide tax consulting services to executives and employers of people who work, live and invest outside their home country. We design tax planning and compensation strategies to help companies with international work forces and their executives manage their tax liabilities and other expenses of operating in the global business environment.

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