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LIBRA Advocates and Consultants offers a full range of professional tax and legal services to meet all your personal and business legal requirements. We are a leading specialist tax, legal and not-for-profit advisory firm operating in Uganda. Our approach with clients is founded upon a complete and broad understanding of each client’s individual circumstances, needs and goals. Our team approach combines experience, credentials and knowledge of a wide-range of tax and legal issues, allowing our practice to provide quality and cost-effective solutions that are designed to help our clients realize their goals. We build long term relationships and deliver top end service across every area of the law.

We are a team of highly competent, experienced and innovative lawyers and consultants, combining international standards of ethics with practical local experience, with a clear focus on identifying potential issues and providing tailored practical advice and solutions. One of the benefits of dealing with us is that specialized skills are not concentrated in isolated pockets within the practice. Instead, a strong culture of teamwork and collaboration exists across the firm, ensuring that skills are deployed to match the unique requirements of each of our valued clients. We work together with you to ensure you achieve your objectives. We tailor our services to suit your culture. We share your aspirations and we deliver customized, timely advice to help you make the right business decisions. We have unrivaled expertise in tax law and practice, not-for-profit establishments and social enterprises.

In today’s ever changing world, our clients can take comfort in knowing that our team is composed of highly specialized skills to help them plan their personal or business circumstances, and give them peace of mind and the confidence to move ahead with there ventures

We commit to understanding our client’s needs and objectives and working with them to achieve effective and creative solutions that advance their priorities and provide value for money. We aim to help our clients Get it Right the First Time by providing personal services that yield desired results.

There is a different approach to legal services today and having a great team of lawyers and professionals who understand the legal landscape is always very essential. The pace of transformation and innovation is increasing in all sectors and professions. A diversity of professional players are entering the legal industry, and bringing with them much needed expertise in day-to-day business operations. For our clients, it means a single point of contact for everything they need in the practice area of tax, legal and advisory services. We endeavour to fully understand our clients’ needs and help them navigate the law in a way that makes life easy. We keep our clients informed about legal developments while using our knowledge and experience to solve their problems and ensure success in all their undertakings. In a nutshell, we offer services that draw on our significant knowledge and our experience; and we achieve this through a strong culture of teamwork and collaboration which ensures that skills are deployed to match the unique requirements of each client.

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“Law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice and when they fail in this purpose they become the dangerously structured dams that block the flow of social progress.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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