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The obligation to comply with taxation requirements is something that any person in Uganda, whether an individual or non-individual, foreign or indigenous, has to deal with every day, every month and every year. Moreover, the tax laws change frequently, and many individuals and businesses are simply unaware of the myriad of rules that govern deductions, credits and reportable income. The rules can be very confusing and overwhelming for many people, to the extent that the average taxpayer may make mistakes that can result in the underpayment or over payment of taxes. On the one hand, if a taxpayer underpays taxes, they may be subject to a UGANDA REVENUE AUTHORITY audit, with interest charges and possible penalties, including prosecution. On the other hand, if a taxpayer overpays taxes, they lose money that is rightfully theirs. This is where you need the tax services of a tax expert and LIBRA is your best choice to get it right the first time.

At LIBRA we provide professional and expert advice to taxpayers who need help in complying with their tax obligations and resolving their tax affairs with UGANDA REVENUE AUTHORITY. We also advise on strategies that minimize exposures and obligations, while reducing the chance of an audit that could lead to a conflict with UGANDA REVENUE AUTHORITY. We pride ourselves in having a deep understanding of tax law and UGANDA REVENUE AUTHORITY practices, and are committed to providing workable solutions to our clients. We therefore, invite you to leverage our in-depth knowledge and experience to reduce your tax liabilities and protect your cash flow interests.

It is our business to help you Get it Right the First Time by, among other things, organizing, analysing and preparing your tax computations, documents and returns; Evaluating your financial and legal circumstances to determine applicable tax obligations and liabilities; Evaluating the tax consequences associated with a transaction and making recommendations that will achieve the desired objective at a minimal tax cost; Assisting you with completing tax returns, schedules and any tax issues originating from UGANDA REVENUE AUTHORITY; and finally, Representing you in any dealings with the UGANDA REVENUE AUTHORITY.

Our points of difference

  1. We endeavor to make ourselves as available to our clients as possible, travelling to their premises to discuss matters should this be more convenient than attending appointments at our offices.
  2. We consider mediation as a quick way of resolving disputes wherever possible, in line with our focus on the provision of timely advice and practical solutions.
  3. We endeavor to communicate with our clients in plain English by establishing open communication channels between lawyer and client, thereby achieving a mutually beneficial level of understanding and clarity.
  4. Our combined skills and practical experience in tax, legal, audit and financial accounting promotes quality of advice.
  5. We strive to save clients unnecessary costs and disbursements.
  6. Our practice is solution-based. Client site visits enhance our understanding of who you are and how we can best service your needs.
  7. It is our policy to caution clients to carefully consider the downside of litigation before they embark on any major litigation. Commercial litigation is often complex and this complexity often results in unexpected expense as well as commercial and personal uncertainty. Entering into adversarial litigation is not always the most appropriate manner to resolve a dispute. We approach litigation in a pragmatic and commercial manner and encourage our clients to do likewise and to focus on sensible and achievable outcomes. By not losing sight of the bigger picture, we make our clients aware of the alternatives to litigation and advise them to factor into their decision making the impact that costly and protracted litigation would have on their business and personal life.
  8. We are committed to confidentiality, accountability, flexibility and the ability to work to tight deadlines.
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“Law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice and when they fail in this purpose they become the dangerously structured dams that block the flow of social progress.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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